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Exporting and wholesaling quality approved Virology Medicines, Xgeva 120 mg Injection, 1 mg Anastrozole Tablets IP and other pharmaceuticals!

About Us

BIOMED SPECIALITY PHARMA is an authorized supplier, wholesaler and distributor of pharmaceuticals based in MUMBAI, India. We are authorized distributor of many pharmaceutical companies manufacturing various types of generics and branded medicines which are available for business nationally and internationally both. With core specialization in the range of anti-cancer medicines.

Vision & mission

driven by its vision and core values (Integrity, Reliability, and Accountability) to achieve significant business in the field of critical care and life saving drugs. The company aspires to serve its customers with cost effective and quality products to live a "healthy life" and to be the top supplier of such pharmaceuticals in INDIA. Our mission is to make the most meaningful difference to healthcare through medicines that bring.

Our Products

Oncology Medicines

  • Nephrology Medicines
  • Hematology Medicines
  • Virology Medicines
  • Cardiology Medicines
  • Neurology Medicines
  • Cosmetology Medicines
  • Critical Care

Quick Facts

BIOMED SPECIALITY PHARMA is a leading Medical distributor dealing in various specialty medicines, life saving drug and diagnostic products.

BIOMED SPECIALITY PHARMA has offices in Borivali west Mumbai in India. Mumbai is the Financial Capital of India and also most of the Manufacturers of Generic Medicines are based here hence we have an advantage of being able to source directly from Manufacturers at a very low cost since there is not much of transportation required.

Competitive pricing and optimum customer service is what we believe in.

We have prompt and reliable delivery persons equipped with vehicles for quick and timely delivery in Mumbai. Life-saving products are supplied 24 hours. We also supply our products to different parts of INDIA.

Assured Quality 

Assurance of quality is important in every business, but when it comes to pharmaceutical industry it gets really serious because without quality assurance, customers would not trust any company as these do not comply with the quality standards and policies. Although, every company claims to offer quality products in this sector, only a few adhere to what they say. Unlike others, we never take false accreditations; we show our customers the best side of our company and the truth is that we have set high standards in this business line by offering accurately composed 50 mg Melphalan Injection IP, 54 mg Depottabletter Foroatoflur Tablets and many more. And, we have done by associating with reputed pharmaceutical producers who provide us with the best-in-class aforesaid and more products of matchless quality at affordable prices.

Steps That Make Us Successful

Following are the core values that serve as steps of the ladder of success that we are climbing:
  • Trust: We believe that with trust anything can be achieved. Therefore, we remain true to our customers by informing them about the exact status of their orders.
  • Responsible: We always conduct our business processes perfectly because we feel that it is our responsibility to hand over the best pharmaceuticals like 250 mg Abiraterone Acetate Tablets, 125 mg Palbociclib Capsules, etc., to our customers. 
  • Relations: We never break relations easily; therefore, we work hard to sustain these by being loyal.

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